Heritage Works



  • Structural Rehabilitation

  • Structural Replacement

  • Support Structures

  • Structural Enhancements



  • Building Facade Retention

  • Support structure, Underpinning/mining

  • Structural Integration

  • Impact on adjacent structures, properties & cityscape



  • Cladding Restoration

  • Heritage works replacement

  • Heritage building science coordination

  • Marrying of new and old techniques & technology

  • Salvage and re-use

  • Cleaning and Incorporation of environmentally-friendly strategy

  • Approach to craftsmen vs. tradesmen

  • Code compliance

“The heritace facades of the six row houses built in 1880 were meticulously restored by ERA Architects, returning the original charm to the masonry, windows, trim, dormers, and sloped roofs. The entrances of the street oriented retail spaces were modified for inclusive accessibility while preserving the heritage character of the buildings. Inside the reconstructed town homes have been maintained as individual office suites, in order to preserve the quality of space within old homes and break-up the lower levels into smaller multi-level commercial suites creating a fine-grained street-level experience”

(Canadian Architect, “Undulating Hariri Pontarini Office Building Completed in Downtown Toronto”, Dec. 11, 2017)