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 Our experience includes new offices, commercial properties and retail premises. Caliber understands both the world of construction and the world of business and the importance of the age-old adage “time is money”. To the benefit of our clients and all team members Caliber’s DNA is made up of:

  • Responsibility

  • Accountability

  • Integrity

  • Common sense

  • Innovation

  • Practical problem-solving

Project & Construction Management

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The real estate development world is complex with many challenges, successfully navigating it requires a unique and diverse skill set. With over a century of combined industry experience and expertise spanning all phases of the development process, Caliber Structures can guide your project from conception to close out.

The Caliber advantage comes from our intimate understanding of the development and construction process. This affords us the ability to identify risks and help the team overcome hurdles before they arise.

Plan it (pre-construction):

  • Control budgeting and scheduling

  • Construction planning

  • Design coordination with value management and risk management running in parallel

Build it (construction):

  • Scheduling and budget control

  • Tendering and awarding

  • Trade contract management

  • Overall planning, scheduling, expediting and coordination

  • Site safety, security and quality assurance

CLose it (post CONSTRUCTION):

  • Provide a service response program from occupancy to completion

  • Institute a deficiency clean-up process and building turnover procedure

  • Schedule and budget control including trade contract close out

  • Commissioning co-ordination

  • Establish extended service and warranty requirements


Our Services typically include

Peer Review and vetting of:

  • Project budget & Schedule

  • Plans, Specifications, Reports

  • Sale and lease documents as they pertain to budget and schedule

  • Development and construction planning

  • Procurement strategy

  • Coordination oversight

  • Ongoing compliance certificates/sign-offs by the appropriate parties

  • monthly capital draw process including cost of work in place and cost to complete analysis

In addition we offer

  • Attendance at design review and consultant meetings

  • On-demand and customized analysis/reporting

  • Consult and sub-consultant proposals/contracts review

  • Design & coordination process monitoring

  • Trade contract documentation review

  • Value management initiatives

  • Risk management initiatives

Heritage Works



  • Structural Rehabilitation

  • Structural Replacement

  • Support Structures

  • Structural Enhancements



  • Building Facade Retention

  • Support structure, Underpinning/mining

  • Structural Integration

  • Impact on adjacent structures, properties & cityscape



  • Cladding Restoration

  • Heritage works replacement

  • Heritage building science coordination

  • Marrying of new and old techniques & technology

  • Salvage and re-use

  • Cleaning and Incorporation of environmentally-friendly strategy

  • Approach to craftsmen vs. tradesmen

  • Code compliance

“The heritace facades of the six row houses built in 1880 were meticulously restored by ERA Architects, returning the original charm to the masonry, windows, trim, dormers, and sloped roofs. The entrances of the street oriented retail spaces were modified for inclusive accessibility while preserving the heritage character of the buildings. Inside the reconstructed town homes have been maintained as individual office suites, in order to preserve the quality of space within old homes and break-up the lower levels into smaller multi-level commercial suites creating a fine-grained street-level experience”

(Canadian Architect, “Undulating Hariri Pontarini Office Building Completed in Downtown Toronto”, Dec. 11, 2017)


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Whether you are renovating or moving into a new space we offer our clients full construction management services. Our experience includes new offices, commercial properties and retail premises. Caliber understands both the world of construction and the world of business, as well as the importance of the age-old adage “time is money”. To the benefit of our clients and all team members Caliber is structured around the following values:

  • Responsibility

  • Accountability

  • Integrity

  • Common Sense

  • Innovation

  • Practical Problem-Solving

Caliber Structures is independently owned and personally operated. While Caliber is a young company we have well over a century of combined experience. Our staff has worked on and /or managed the following projects

  • Days Inn Hotel Renovation - Toronto

  • Band of Montreal - National fit-out

  • Ontario Realty Corporation (Now Infrastructure Ontario)

  • Bell Mobility Office - Mississauga

  • LCBO - Maple Leaf Gardens, Kitchener, Waterloo, Richmond Hill

  • Dorset Park Community HUB - Scarborough

  • Long-Term Care

  • Commercial Offices

  • GAP Store Toronto

  • Sudbury Regional Hospital, North Tower

  • Residential

  • Retail